John Iwaniura

1st Vice President of CUCC.

John Iwaniura, is the President & CEO of the trailblazing Canadian transportation and logistics company Caravan Group of Companies. John Iwaniura has been involved in the transportation industry for over two decades, with expertise in the logistics and expediting industry. In 1997 Mr. Iwaniura co-founded Caravan Logistics, Inc., an Oakville Ontario-based carrier which has since expanded to PQ, MB, SK and AB and to over a $100 million dollar a year business, and sits as one of the Top 50 carrier companies in Canada.

In 2005 John Iwaniura joined the Board of Directors in the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, and was later appointed 1st Vice President. Mr. Iwaniura’s primary focus is on providing executive leadership and furthering the Chamber’s footprint within the market place; engaging in attractive financial opportunities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, with the goal of raising cultural awareness within the Ukrainian community across Canada.

Mr. Iwaniura sits on the advisory Board of UCC (Ukrainian Canadian Congress) and acts as CEO of G8 Investments Corporation, Inc. pursuing developments in Lviv and the Azov Sea in Ukraine.

John Iwaniura was born in Poland and is of Ukrainian descent. He has completed four years at Warsaw University before moving to Canada in 1988.